Statement of Inclusion

Suffering is a human condition which can be increased because of biases or prejudices and we endeavor to let them go. Among the things we seek to let go of are biases and prejudices for or against any race, ethnic origin, nationality, religion, gender, sexual orientation, political party, or other belief or position which separates the One Buddha Mind into many. We welcome all who come to the temple and are respectful of others.

Rules of the OBC

At the Portland Buddhist Priory we follow the Rules of the Order of Buddhist Contemplatives which are available, at the Priory, to any one on request. Here is an overview of the OBC Rules.

Monks and postulants of the OBC, and who practice at the Priory, practice celibacy and do not engage in sexual or romantic relationships. Also, the monks and postulants are vegetarian and do not consume alcohol or other intoxicants; the temple does not serve non-vegetarian food nor alcohol.

Our Ethical Intentions

Guidelines On Teaching Relationships in the OBC and at the Priory

Temple Guidelines

It is traditional for Buddhist temples to have and follow rules; here are some guidelines for practicing at the Priory:

Because the Priory is a Buddhist temple, a place where the Dharma is honored and practiced, we ask our guests to respect these guidelines during their stay, whether short or long. The purpose of these guidelines is to assist practitioners in their efforts to meditate by minimizing distractions and promoting harmony within the community. Please contact the Prior with any questions you have about them.

  • All visitors are received with the assumption that they will be participants in the religious practice of the temple. This especially means that all visitors will be expected to keep the Buddhist precepts.
  • The activities of our daily life have a profound spiritual significance and it is an important part of Buddhist practice to perform all actions with reverence and gratitude.
  • A temple is not an appropriate place to engage in flirtation or to seek a sexual relationship.
  • We ask all guests to participate fully in each scheduled event. By participating wholeheartedly in the temple events, we learn to drop our opinions of what is important and unimportant, and this helps us live in accordance with the Truth that the Buddha Nature can be found in all places and at all times. It is understood that some people may need to modify how they participate because of poor health or age. We will do all we can to accommodate anyone with a sincere desire to practice. Please consult the Prior about your situation.
  • During your time at the Portland Priory, please refrain from religious practices other than Buddhist training as taught here at the Priory.
  • Please dress in a respectful manner, suitable for religious practice, while at the temple. Out of consideration for others, please do not use any perfume or scented products.
  • Please be mindful of not disturbing others with conversation; the temple exists as a safe place to turn within and we can help each other by being respectful of others’ wish to remain quiet while at the temple.
  • Please do not use or bring the following items to the temple: illegal or recreational drugs, alcohol, chewing gum, firearms or other weapons.
  • No one who is intoxicated, or who causes a nuisance, will be permitted to enter or remain inside the temple.
  • Smoking is not permitted while at the temple.
  • Please help keep the temple clean and tidy.