This series of talks, was given at the Priory leading up to the lay ordination ceremony we did in April, 2011. They discuss the meaning behind the ceremonies of Jukai, and how those meanings embody elements of training in the keeping of the precepts. Jukai, or its English translation “The Opening of the Gate to the Ten Precepts”, is a week long retreat and set of ceremonies set up for the purpose of becoming a lay Buddhist. Lay ordination, one of the ceremonies of Jukai, is the ceremony of committing oneself to the keeping and practicing of the Buddhist precepts and becoming a Buddhist.

The Reading of the Ten Precepts

The Ceremony of Lay Ordination

Sange: The Ceremony of Contrition and Conversion

Ketchimyaku: The Ceremony of Following Where the Precepts, as the Blood of the Buddhas, Lead

The Ceremony of Recognition


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