A talk on working with the Critical Mind, given by R. Leon on 4/27/14:

Training The Complaining Mind

Devotion to practice, devotion to our own heart

Some thoughts on the importance of devotion in walking the path of Truth and how our devotion is the expression of our love of Truth itself.


The relationship between Wisdom and Compassion: Living in the world of consequences.

A talk on deepening our experience of Wisdom and harmonizing with the Buddha-mind.

Wisdom and Compassion

Meditation and the Body, part 2

We carry on with some of the same themes developed last week especially how we train with the different kinds of disharmony that we might create.

The Body 2

Meditation and The Body

Here we discuss aspects of how we meditate with the body and train or bodies to express the qualities of meditation and practice. 12-04-11

The body

The Difference between Zen practice and Psychotherapy

In this talk we explore some of the differences and similarities between psychotherapy and Zen practice and how a scientific view of life is not incompatible with a religious or spiritual view or practice. These two views, in fact can be helpfully supportive. Given Sunday 11/20/2011..

Zen and Psychotherapy

The stories we create

A talk discussing working with our minds capacity to create a narrative or story about what we would like our life to be like or what we are supposed to do in our life. Given Wednesday 10/27/11.


Training Greed

This talk was given at the CZBP on Sunday 10/23/11 and explores some of the issues surrounding training our desires.


Being Content With Nothing

Another talk given at Shasta Abbey, this one given on 8/21/11. This talk is a continuation of the July third talk and explores ideas of our purpose and our place in the world.


The Chair and the Mind

A talk given at Shasta Abbey on 7/3/11, exploring the deeper purpose of Soto Zen meditation and training the mind.


A Trusting Attitude Toward Cause and Effect

Being willing to look deeply into the reasons behind the arising of difficulty (spring, 2011)

Trusting Causality

The Practice of Wisdom

Some thoughts on the cultivation and expression of Wisdom on the occasion of the Festival of Manjusri Bodhisattva. (spring, 2011)


Bowing and the kaleidoscope of day to day life

An exploration and discussion of the meaning of bowing and how to bring the mind and practice of bowing into daily life. (spring, 2011)


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